Ship Recycling


Shipbreaking activities in Bangladesh are concentrated in Sitakund (Bhatiary to Barwalia), just 8–10 kilometres north of Chittagong city on the Bay of Bengal. The ship breaking industry in Sitakunda is vying with Alang in India to become the largest in the world atleast in terms of the total amount of Scrap Steel generated. There are a total of 110 ship breaking and recycling yards out of which 90 are in operation , scattered over 8 square kilometres (3 sq mi) along the coast of Sitakunda. Bangladesh, with no local metal ore mining industry of its own, is dependent on ship-breaking for its domestic steel requirements.

Approximately 22,000 workers are directly employed by the ship breaking industry in Bangladesh, and as many as 200,000 are employed indirectly through ancillary activities.

Advantages :

  • 1. Variety of buyers for all sizes of Vessels
  • 2. Many buyers are now applying Green recycling methods.
  • 3. Is a good option for ships located in the far-east.

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